Cooking with Books – How Many Do You Own?

Marilyn’s “kitchen library,” circa January 2010, after kitchen remodeling. More cookbooks added since then!

I’m curious. I’ve mentioned several times, within the short period of time I’ve been foodblogging, that I own close to 300 cookbooks. While I’ve managed to part with a few over the years, it’s tough to let them go. But then I’m like that about all books.

I’m wondering how many cookbooks sit on the shelves of those reading this blog. Granted, my readership hasn’t been built to huge numbers yet, but even a general percentage would satisfy my curiosity at this point. I love sharing the sources of my recipes, and often that means touting the virtues of one of my books (or more than one, when I’ve checked out several before creating my own concoction). Eventually, I plan to set up a page on KitchenCauldron dedicated to my favorite foodie tomes – covering cooking, baking, food memoirs, etc. In the meantime, for my very first poll, I’d love to hear from as many of you as possible — and get comments as well, if you’d care to make them — about your gastronomical library!