Foodie Penpal – Revelation Day

I haven’t been writing much, nor posting to blog or even much anywhere else. Guess I’ll call it summer vacation, although I’ve been simplifying in general (like cutting back on computer use, unsubscribing to lots of e-lists, etc.). Mostly it’s been reading and trying to stay out of seasonal (& sometimes ultra-seasonal) summer heat. Of course I’m cooking (a necessity), so there will be posts eventually, certainly by summer’s end. But I did sign up for the Foodie Penpal program (see icon on this page, which should take you to info about it), and a requirement is that you post on your blog, if you have one, about the package you received. So here goes.

My package came from a lovely-sounding teacher named Kacey who told me she lives in a rural town in the heart of Virginia. When she contacted me in early July, she said it had been over 101 degrees there for the entire past week. She said it was also her first time doing the Foodie Penpal thing, and she was looking forward to it. She inquired about any allergies or food restrictions, as well as food and dislikes, and the subsequent package reflected some of what I told her.

Kacey did something similar to what I’d decided upon – she went local for Foodie PPs. Everything in the box I received came from a Mennonite store, which I thought was neat. I’d told her I liked raspberries, and there were raspberry-yogurt-covered pretzels (which immediately had to be placed in the fridge because the box was so warm from mail transport in the heat that the coating was melting!). I said I loved cinnamon, so there were a couple homemade (by Mennonites) snickerdoodles. Another berry fav, blackberries, showed up as a jam (yesterday, I had it on toasted potato bread for breakfast). And then there was the delicious zucchini bread – which served as breakfast the day after received.

A wonderful first experience. I’ve already thanked Kacey for her generosity and care (but hope she reads it here once more); and I’ve heard from Teresa, my sending-TO foodie penpal in Maryland, who enjoyed her package as well. Kacey doesn’t have a blog, but I’ll check out Teresa’s later on in the day.

While I probably can’t do this every month ($$-wise), I did sign up for August and will remain on the list for participation at different times. What a great idea this project was – and how quickly it seems to have caught on! Already, Lindsay Livingston of The Lean Green Bean foodblog has over 1,000 people participating. Thanks go out to her for all her creative work.


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  1. What a wonderful package Kacey did for you. It was put together with so much thought. I apologize for not posting for a while, but I have been busy taking care of my 92 year old father who had a stroke and then a heart attack. He is coming along nicely, but is confined to a wheelchair. I will try to post 2 different orzo salads this week. One recipe was given to be by a good friend and the other by my sister’s sister-in -law. Take care Marilyn. Rick and I are still hoping to get together.

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