Check Out The New Page on KC – “Food for Thought: Getting Literate”

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new page added to this blog, titled “Food for Thought: Getting Literate.” It will be added to over time, filling with poetry, prose and other creativity related to food (however closely or distantly), all of which I will solicit from writer/artist friends along the way. I’m hoping readers will feel some connection to their work and continue to check out the page for additions once in a while. Each new entry will be dated and added “before” the last bit of writing, so visiters to the page can easily read the most recent posts.

Right now, you can enjoy two pieces: an essay by Judith Prest titled Facing Down Death with a Spatula and my own cookbook-related poem. More to come, I promise!

"writer disappears into her past," Artist Trading Card by MariLyn

3 responses

  1. Hi Marilyn… What an ambitious new page.. Congrats!!! I also want to tell you that I tried your recipe post for Roast Sausage with Vegetables and it was fabulous.. my husband loved it just as you predicted.. I did change the seasoning to my all-purpose Herb-Spice combo that I put together by the jarful and use for a rub and anything else I might need.. I also added Roma Tomatoes cut in chunks along with the zucchine.. Let me know if you would like me to share that recipe sometime… However the basic idea and ingredients and all-important cooking method came straight out of your post.. In fact I am making a frittata with the leftovers tonight just as you suggest.. Thanks for the tasty guidance… Alice Orr..

    • Sounds great, Alice! Nice to know that Laura was right once again! I’d love to include your version of the sausage w/vegetables recipe sometime too, but first you suggested another possible “guest recipe” that you’d send to me sometime in the near future. I’m looking forward to that one… and any little story you might include with it.

      • Right back atcha Marilyn… Thanks for reminding me that I am working on my Sauce of Life recipe.. the story needs editing because it has run away from “little” as stories can sometimes do… And a recent computer catastrophe has eaten most of the photos I would have included… Oh well…. Alice

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