If you printed yesterday’s recipe for Risotto Cookies…

…please be aware that there was an error in the ingredients. I’d returned to the recipe while it was still in draft form to specifiy that the sugar should be “granulated sugar” but, unfortunately, I’d typed “granulated sugar” in place of “butter.” (Don’t ask me how that happened; who ever knows?) It’s now been corrected so, if you printed the recipe yesterday, you’ll want to either re-print it or correct the already printed version. After a couple of weeks, I’ll probably delete this correction notice but right now it’s important to let readers know about the revised post.

Thanks go out to my poet-friend Dan, who questioned the “2 sticks granulated sugar” (which is how it previously read). It’s great to know that some are not only reading the narrative on KitchenCauldron but also checking out the recipes to the point of noticing details. It’s not feasible for a blogger to hire their own personal proofreader (at least not doable for most of us!), and it’s so easy to flub no matter how carefully we “proof” our own stuff. If I could hire a proofreader, however, Dan Wilcox would be a welcome applicant!

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